Team: senior advisors

Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Srecko Stopic

  • Senior Advisor in Hydrometallurgy
Topic: Nanopowder Synthesis
  • Stir and hich preasure leaching
  • Waste water treatment
  • Synthesing of nanopowder
  • Recycling of dust and FeZn-concentrates
  • Environment protection
  • Hydrometallurgy and rare earth elements
  • Practical course: leaching of nickel ores, stir leaching
  • Approaches of project management: design of experiments
  • Statistical analysis, calculation of errors
  • Lecture: Unit operations in hydrometallurgy
  • The value chain of rare earth extraction and recycling
  • Project participation: CO2-Min and REMOVAL


IME Metallurgische Prozesstechnik und Metallrecycling Room: R 316
RWTH Aachen Phone: +49 241 80 95860
Intzestraße 3 Fax: +49 241 80 92154
D-52056 Email:


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2021 article in scientific journal
Synthesis of Silica Particles Using Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method
Metals 2021, 11, 463;
Srecko Stopic, Felix Wenz, Tatjana-Volkov Husovic, Bernd Friedrich
2021 article in scientific journal
Carbonation of Minerals and Slags under High Pressure in an Autoclave
VOJNOTEHNIČKI GLASNIK / MILITARY TECHNICAL COURIER, 2021, Vol. 69, Issue 2; DOI: 10.5937/vojtehg69-30203
Carlos F. Matus, Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich
2021 article in scientific journal
Synergism Red Mud Acid Mine Drainage as a Sustainable Solution for Neutralizing and Immobilizing Hazardous Elements
Metals 2021, 11, 620.
Hugo Lucas, Srecko Stopic, Buhle Xakalashe, Bernd Friedrich, Sehliso Ndlovu
2021 Book Chapter
Advances in Synthesis of Metallic, Oxidic and Composite Powders
Metals, ISBN 978-3-03943-929-4 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03943-930-0 (PDF)
Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich
2020 article in scientific journal
Recovery of Cobalt From Primary and Secondary Materials – An Overview
Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich
2020 article in scientific journal
Deposition of silica in hydrometallurgical processes
Military Technical Courier 68(1):65-78
Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich
2020 article in scientific journal
Review of the past, present and future of the hydrometallurgical production of nickel and cobalt from lateritic ores
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Vol 26 (2) 2020 p. 199-208; DOI: 10.30544/513
Srđan Stanković, Srecko Stopic, Miroslav Sokić, Branislav Marković, Bernd Friedrich
2020 article in scientific journal
Mechanism of Nickel, Magnesium, and Iron Recovery from Olivine Bearing Ore during Leaching with Hydrochloric Acid Including a Carbonation Pre-Treatment
Metals 2020, 10, 811 DOI:10.3390/met10060811
Carlos Matus, Srecko Stopic, Simon Etzold, Dario Kremer, Hermann Wotruba, Christian Dertmann, Rainer Telle, Bernd Friedrich, Pol Knops
2020 article in scientific journal
Electrochemical Deposition of Al-Ti Alloys from Equimolar AlCl3 + NaCl Containing Electrochemically Dissolved Titanium
Metals - Open Access Metallurgy Journal 10(1):88 DOI: 10.3390/met10010088
Vesna S. Cvetkovic, Natasa M. Vukicevic, Ksenija Milicevic, Srecko Stopic, Bernd Friedrich, Jovan N. Jovicevic
2020 article in scientific journal
Effectiveness of Fly Ash and Red Mud as Strategies for Sustainable Acid Mine Drainage Management
Minerals 2020, 10, 707 DOI: 10.3390/min10080707
Viktoria Keller, Srecko Stopic, Buhle Xakalashe, Yiqian Ma, Sehliselo Ndlovu, Brian Mwewa, Geoffrey S. Simate, Bernd Friedrich


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