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Dipl.-Ing. Erik Hecker


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2005 article in scientific journal
Treatment of Industrial Lead and Zinc Slags in a Pilot Scale SAF
World of Metallurgy - ERZMETALL, Vol. 58, No. 4, S. 210-217
Jörn Böhlke, Bernd Friedrich, Erik Hecker
2004 congress or congress paper
Treatment of lead and zinc slags in hollow electrode DC-EAF in consideration of calculated phase equilibria and thermodynamics
VII International Conference on Molten Slags Fluxes and Salts, S. 377 - 383, The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Johannesburg 2004
Erik Hecker, Bernd Friedrich, Jörn Böhlke
2003 congress or congress paper
Recovery of lead and zinc from QSL- and IS-slag using hollow electrode carbon insertion process.
In: Proceedings of European Metallurgical Conference, 16. - 19. September 2003, Hannover, Vol. 2, S. 533 - 550.
Erik Hecker, Bernd Friedrich


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