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Dr.-Ing. Jan Hecht geb. Reitz


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2009 Kongress- oder Tagungsbeitrag
Recycling of Titanium-Aluminide Scrap
Titanium 2009, Waikoloa, Hawaii, 13.09. - 16.09.2009
Bernd Friedrich, Johannes Morscheiser, Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, Claus Lochbichler
2009 Kongress- oder Tagungsbeitrag
On Nitrogen Pick-up during Pressure-ESR of Austenitic Steels
LMPC, International Symposium on Liquid Metal Processing and Casting , September 20-23, 2009, Santa Fe, New Mexico
A.D. Patel, Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, J. H. Magee, R. Smith, G. Maurer, Bernd Friedrich
2009 Poster
PESR processing of TiAl-electrodes made by aluminothermic reduction
International Symposium on Liquid Metal Processing and Casting 20. – 23. September 2009, ISBN 978-0 87339-743-8, S. 295 – 302, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Bernd Friedrich, Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, Jan-Christoph Stoephasius
2008 Kongress- oder Tagungsbeitrag
Optimized control of slag chemistry for the electroslag remelting of large size ingots
17th International Forgemaster Meeting, 3.-7. November 2008, Santander Spain
Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, Maurischat, M., Bernd Friedrich
2007 Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift
ESR Refining Potential for Titanium Alloys using a CaF2-based slag
Advanced Engineering Materials 2007, Volume 9, No. 4, S. 246 – 252.
Jan-Christoph Stoephasius, Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, Bernd Friedrich
2007 Kongress- oder Tagungsbeitrag
Closing The Material Cycle of Titanium - Thermochemical and Experimental Validation of a New Recycling Concept
LMPC - International Symposium on Liquid Metal Processing and Casting, September 2 - 5, 2007, Nancy, France
Bernd Friedrich, Claus Lochbichler, Jan Hecht geb. Reitz
2007 Kongress- oder Tagungsbeitrag
Fundamental of deoxidation behaviour of Ti-alloys by chamber ESR with Ca-reactive slags
European Metallurgical Conference â EMC 2007, June 11 - 14, Düsseldorf, Germany
Jan Hecht geb. Reitz, Bernd Friedrich, Jan-Christoph Stoephasius


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