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Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schlimbach


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2001 congress or congress paper
Resource Conservation by Improvements of Primary Aluminium Production
In: Proceedings of Light Metals 2001, TMS, Warrendale, USA, S. 349 - 356
Jürgen Schlimbach, Georg Rombach, Bernd Friedrich, Joachim Krüger
2001 congress or congress paper
Energy and Emission Analysis in Primary Aluminium Production - a Technical Contribution to an Integrated Resource Management.
In: Proceedings of European Metallurgical Conference, 18. - 21. September 2001, Friedrichshafen, Vol. 3, S. 99 - 116.
Joachim Krüger, Bernd Friedrich, Jürgen Schlimbach, Georg Rombach
2000 article in scientific journal
Global red mud reduction potential through optimised technologies and ore selection
Mineral Resources Engineering, Vol. 9 (2000), No. 4
Hausberg, J., Happel, U., Meyer, F. M., Mistry, M., Röhrlich, M., Koch, H., Martens, P. N., Jürgen Schlimbach, Georg Rombach, Joachim Krüger


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