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Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Jaroni


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2012 congress or congress paper
Notwendigkeit der Entkopplung von Pyrolyse und Schmelzen beim Al Recycling
45. Metallurgisches Seminar, Ulm, 2012
Benjamin Jaroni, Bernd Friedrich, Georg Rombach
2012 congress or congress paper
The Influence of Pyrolythic Reactions on the Aluminum Dross Formation during the Twin Chamber Remelting Process
13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys, Proceedings, 2012
Benjamin Jaroni, Benedikt Flerus, Bernd Friedrich, Georg Rombach
2011 article in scientific journal
Effects of gaseous pyrolysis products on aluminium recycling yield
International Aluminium Journal, Sonderausgabe XX/2011, S. 2-5
Benjamin Jaroni, Kilian Gisbertz, Georg Rombach, Bernd Friedrich
2011 congress or congress paper
Carbothermic reduction of alumina: A review of developed processes and novel concepts
European Metallurgical Conference (EMC-2011); 06/2011
E. Balomenos, D. Panias, I. Paspaliaris, Bernd Friedrich, Benjamin Jaroni, A. Steinfeld, E. Guglielmini, M. Halmann, M. Epstein, I. Vishnevsky
2011 congress or congress paper
Conditions of Pyrolythic Processes in Multi Chamber Furnaces for Aluminium Recycling
EMC 2011, European Metallurgical Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany, June 26-29, 2011
Benjamin Jaroni, A. Lucht, Bernd Friedrich, G. Rombach
2009 congress or congress paper
From Oxide Residues of Al-Slag-Treatment to SiAl-Masteralloys via Carbothermic Reduction
EMC 2009 – European Metallurgical Conference, Innsbruck, Austria; June 28 - July 1; Volume 1, S. 173 – 188; ISBN 978-3-940276-17-9
Maik Ridderbusch, Benjamin Jaroni, Alexander Arnold, Bernd Friedrich


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