The IME organizes several excursions yearly. Beside of one-day excursions, which belong to certain lectures, there is also a two-week excursion every autumn. During those we visit several companies working in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy and related industries.

The goal of the excursions is, that students, but also institute employees can gain extensive insight into the diversity of metallurgical appliances.
In addition to technical aspects, getting to know new interesting countries or regions with their differing cultures is emphasized. That way, the two-week-excursions regularly go abroad. to European- and non-European countries.
For students participation is low-priced. For further information, ask the organising teams of the next excursion.

Excursion 2019

This year's metallurgical excursion takes place in the period from 08.-14. September. We will visit eight companies in Bavaria and Austria. Students who are interested can contact the contact person below until 05.04.2019


M. Sc. Jil Schosseler
Tel. +49 (0)241 80 90855
Fax. +49 (0)241 80 92154

2019 - Bavaria and Austria

2018 - Poland

2017 - Northern Ruhr area and North Germany

2016 - Deutschland Belgien Niederlande

2015 - SouthGermany, Switzerland

2014 - Südafrika

2012 - Austria-Slovenia

2011 - Eastern Germany

2010 - Germany Belgium Netherlands

2009 - Canada

2008 - SouthGermany, Switzerland

2007 - Turkey

2006 - Germany- NRW

2005 - China

2004 - North-East Germany, Czech Republic, Poland

2003 - SouthGermany, Austria, Czech Republic

2002 - France, Benelux

2001 - South Africa

2000 - SouthGermany, Luxembourg and Switzerland

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