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description: Master Thesis
topic: CO2-neutral Reduction of Residues from nonferrous industries using hydrogen injection into liquid slag melts

The European vision of CO2-neutral industry by 2050 currently focuses on re-placing carbon with hydrogen. This also concerns recycling with the recovery of valuable and strategic metals. The treatment of residual materials in the liquid state is currently carried out with carbon in copper and lead metallurgy, among others, and could be carried out more ecologically with hydrogen.


job definition:

The thesis tasks would be simulation and process design for the treatment of a residual stream with hydrogen. Subsequently, practical experiments in the la-boratory with their evaluation and comparison to thermodynamics are planned. Likewise, literature and simulation study only would be possible (Bachelor/Mini-Thesis).


duration: 6 month:
start: immediately
contact: M. Sc. Gunnar Hovestadt

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