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1 IME (Introduction)
2 Vacuum Metallurgy
3 Recyclingmetallurgy

microwave system
Application area :
  • Recycling of solar panels
  • carbothermal reduction
  • pyrolysis
  • Sintering of metals and ceramics
Performance data:
  • 8 x 6 kW power
  • Vacuum chamber for pressures up to 1 * 10 ^ -3 mbar
  • Cooling system
  • integrated thermal camera for temperature measurement
Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Fabian Diaz
Pilot plant pyrolysis with offgas analysis system
Application area :
  • Pyrolysis of electronics and aluminum scrap
  • metal-containing organic scraps
Performance data:
  • Batch reactor process with downstream offgas purification system (condenser + scrubber)
  • 24 liters / reactor volume
  • With / without supply of carrier gases (Ar / N2)
  • Process temperature up to 550 ° C, possible variable heating ramp
  • Continuous analysis of the offgas by the FT-IR spectrometry (CO2, CO, hydrocarbons, halogens, ... etc.) And paramagnetic oxygen measurement
  • Pyrolysis products: Solid residue, condensate, synthesis gas
Contact person: M. Sc. Damien Latacz

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