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2 Vacuum Metallurgy
3 Recyclingmetallurgy

Mini tiltable rotary kiln
Application area :
  • Aluminium Recycling
  • Salzschmelzen/Salzschlacken Eigenschaften
Performance data:
  • max. Temperature 1300 ° C
  • tiltable angle: 0-65 ° to the vertical
  • outter crucible: graphite, ØInside = 65 mm, height = 250 mm.
  • Current line 32A
  • 4-40 revolutions min-1
  • Power 2 kW furnace
  • Inert gas influence argon, nitrogen, 10 l / min
  • Graphite crucible material
Contact person: M. Sc. Cong Li
Naberther furnace – chamber furnace
Application area :
  • Melting metal, burning of glas, porcelain and stoneware
Performance data:
  • Resistance furnace – five sited heater
  • Heater programable
  • Maximum temperature: 1300°C
  • Air dicharge opening in center of the furnace cover for a constant air exhaust
  • Dimensions : heigth x width x deepth 460 x 400x 530
  • Volume: 100 l
Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Jeraldiny Becker
Nabertherm furnace
Application area :
  • Metal and salt melting
Performance data:
  • Resistance furnace
  • Diameter of shank: Φ= 18 cm height= 13 cm
  • Heater programable, Maximum temperature: 1200°C
  • Inert gas atmosphere possible
  • Application of thermowell possible
Contact person: M. Sc. Cong Li
SOLO furnace
Application area :
  • Heat-treating-furnace up to 1550°C
  • Muffle can be insert into the furnace chamber by pivot arm
  • Different gas atomosphere possible: Ar, CO
  • Dimension of furnace chamber: height x width x depth 200 mm x 270 mm x 450 mm
Performance data:
  • Seven resistance heating elements made of MoSi2
  • Heating power: 14 kW
  • Continuously adjustable temperature control
  • Different temperature profile adjustable
Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Fabian Diaz
Application area :
  • Application in high temperature range (max. 2000°C)
  • Equilibrium experiments
Performance data:
  • Inert atmosphere
  • Resistance heated
  • Open and closed operation possible
  • Maximum temperature 2000°C
  • Programmable temperature profile
Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Jeraldiny Becker

Measuring instrument for surface tension
Application area :
  • Measuring the surface tension of liquid metals, salts and slags, essential in refining and recycling processes
Performance data:
  • Acuracy of measurement 2-10 %
  • Temperature rang up to 1600 °C
  • Heating rate 3-5 K/min
  • Sample volume from 50 ml
  • Two-capillary methode applicable
  • Sources of measurement error: Inaccuracies of capillary diameter and capillary imersion depth
Contact person: M. Sc. Hugo Lucas
Measurement instrument of wetting angle
Application area :
  • Measuring of wetting angle between liquid and solid
Performance data:
  • Possible gas atmosphere: H2, N2, Ar, air
  • Temperature: up to 1000°C
  • Photo/video recording of liquid drops
  • Automatic/manual measuring of wetting angle
Contact person: M. Sc. Hugo Lucas
Density measurement device
Application area :
  • Density measurement of liquid metals, salts und slag,necessary for the investigation of phase separation and determination of the dynamic and kinematic vicosity
Performance data:
  • Accuracy of the method 0,1-1%
  • Temperature range up to 1500 °C
  • Heating rate 3-5 K/min
  • Minimum sample size 50ml
  • Choice of material (wire and test sample) important
  • Sources of measurement error: Surface tension of the melt and thermal expansion of the test sample
Contact person: M. Sc. Hugo Lucas

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