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1 IME (Introduction)
2 Vacuum Metallurgy
3 Recyclingmetallurgy

1 MW Electric Arc Furnace
Application area :
  • Carbothermic production of silicium/ aluminium
  • Batteryrecycling
  • Slag metallurgy
  • Steel metallurgy
  • Copper metallurgy
Performance data:
  • Operation with direct or alternating current
  • Transformer power input 1 MWA
  • Hearth diameter 1,6 m
  • Height of vessel 3,2 m
  • Measuring technique for drawing an energy balance
Contact person: M. Sc. Jürgen Maier
35l tilting resistance furnace
Application area :
  • Safty-related constructed especially for magnesium melt (Fe-crucible)
  • Melting of Al, Cu, Pb, Zn in Fe or graphit crucible
  • Melt treatment possible with installed industrial full-automatically Foseco stirring and degasification device
Performance data:
  • Resistance heated furnance by SiC bars
  • Volume: 35 l
  • Hydraulic tilting allows controlled dosing during casting (remote-controlled)
  • hydraulic cover (remote-controlled) with ring pipeline for inert gas
  • Heat power: 46 kW
  • Continuously adjustable temperature control
  • Emergency outlet at the bottom for directed melt cast at crucible fraction
Contact person: M. Sc. Cong Li
Electric arc furnace
Application area :
  • Recycling of AlMn, ZnCl or lithium-ion batteries
  • Recycling of Slags
  • Reduction of oxide components
  • Production of AlSi-alloys and silicon
  • Production of ferro-alloys and non-ferrous alloy
  • Recycling of waste materials
Performance data:
  • Current 120 – 700 A; Voltage: 24 – 70 V
  • Maximum capacity 6 l
  • Head electrode: graphite (d = 50 mm); hearth electrode: copper, water-cooled
  • Continuously adjustable head electrode by hydraulic
  • Tapping or tilting the furnace possible
  • Temperature monitoring on hearth electrode, refractory lining and off-gas
Contact person: M. Sc. Marcus Sommerfeld
Electric arc furnace (with inert gas atmosphere)
Application area :
  • recycling of AlMn, ZnC or lithium ion batteries
  • recycling of slags
  • analysis of melting behaviour
  • production of aluminium
  • production of ferro-alloys and non-ferrous alloys
  • utilisation of residuals
Performance data:
  • current: 120 – 700 A; voltage: 24 – 70 V
  • max. holding capacity 6 l
  • head electrode: graphite (d = 50 mm); bottom electrode: copper, water-cooled
  • charging apparatus over hollow electrode
  • entire/whole system (furnace chamber + charging apparatus) can be operated under inert/protective gas
Contact person: M. Sc. Marcus Sommerfeld
Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC)
Application area :
  • Aluminium recycling with salt slag
  • Converter process by inflating or injection oxygen
  • Melting plant
  • Slag treatment
Performance data:
  • Rotation speed up to 10 U/min
  • Flexible energy input by air or oxygen operated natural gas burner (max. 500 kW)
  • Converter lance
  • Stagelessly adjustable inclination of furnace
  • Changeable furnace vessel (variation of melt capacity and refractory material)
  • Vessel volume either 100 l or 1000 l (depending on vessel)
Contact person: M. Sc. Christin Stallmeister

High pressure leaching autoclave
Application area :
  • Leaching of different ores and concentrates
  • Recycling of different metallurgical dusts
  • CO2-storage and utilization as carbonates
  • Cleaning of waelz oxides
Performance data:
  • Temperature max.: 300°C
  • Volume of autoclave: 1-10 l (2 reactors)
  • bis 200 bar
  • Stirring speed: 2000 U/min
  • Sampling point available
  • Gaseous Atmospheres possible: CO2, O2, H2, N2, Ar, Luft
  • System for dosing acid available
  • Data collection available
Contact person: Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Srecko Stopic
cascade leaching
Application area :
  • Purification of industrial waste water
  • area of application: environmental protection
Performance data:
  • conventional process for the precipitation of dissolved metals
  • selective removal with the aid of pH-shift
  • etablished method for purification of metalliferous waste water
  • neutralization by means of caustic soda or milk of lime
  • fully-automated chemical addition by pH-transmitter
  • online monitoring system with data logging
  • scalable throughput capacity by modular enlargement/increasing
  • cost efficient consumption of energy and resources
Contact person: Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Srecko Stopic
Microwave Anton Paar
Application area :
  • Microwave-assisted sample preparation
  • Microwave-assisted chemical synthesis
  • Fast and complete digestion in sealed vessels
  • Extraction with organic solvents of organic and inorganic samples under high pressure and at high temperature
Performance data:
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 3680VA
  • Power magnetrons respectively 850W
  • Microwave power 1500W
Contact person: M. Sc. Jil Schosseler
Solvent Extraction
Application area :

Type: Mixer-settler

  • hydrometallurgy
  • Solvent extraktion
  • Selective separation process
  • Removal of impurities
  • Concentration of the solutions
Performance data:
  • Mixer-settler units 0.5
  • Continuous operation
  • Multi-stage process: a total of 5 mixer-settler units
  • Adjustable flow rate (up to 10 L / hour)
Contact person: Priv. Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Srecko Stopic
Microwave Anton Paar
Application area :
  • Cleaning of lab glasses
  • Ultrasonic assisted leaching
  • Improved mixing
  • Degassing of solutions
Performance data:
  • Working frequency 24 kHz
  • Control range  ± 500 Hz
  • Amplitude control range 20-100%
  • Different sonotrode diameters
Contact person: M. Sc. Jil Schosseler

Rotary kiln Furnace
Application area :
  • Volatilization of zinc containing raw material
Performance data:
  • Working temperature up to 1100°C
  • Rotation continuously variable
  • Rotary furnaces for reducing, oxidizing und sulfur containing atmospheres
  • adjusting of different gas atmospheres
Contact person: M. Sc. Lilian Schwich geb. Peters
High temperature vacuum rotary kiln
Application area :
  • 10 U / min, 10 ° tilt angle: residence time of powder is about 2min (0 ° C - 1500 ° C)
  • 0 U / min, 0 ° tilt angle: No material discharge (batch process) (0 ° C - 1500 ° C)
  • Ceramic working tube (Tmax = 1600 ° C) maximum grain size of input material is 15 mm.
  • Stainless steel pipe work (Tmax = 1000 ° C) maximum grain size of input materials is approximately 30 mm.
Performance data:
  • Max. temperature: 1600 ° C
  • Working Tubes: I) alumina ceramics, quality C610, II) high temperature resistant stainless steel 1.4841
  • Inner diameter: 150 mm
  • Overall length: 2,000 mm
  • Heating: Heating elements: Molydändisilicid
  • Heating zones: Three (fully automatically controlled)
  • Heated Length: 1000 mm
  • Rotational speed: 1-10 U / min
  • Orientation: 0 to 10° (fully automatic adjustable)
  • Atmosphere: vacuum (10 mbar up), inert gas (co-, counter-current)
Contact person: M. Sc. Lilian Schwich geb. Peters
Metallothermic Reduction
Application area :
  • Metal production from oxides with high-melting temperature
  • Metallothermic reduction with aluminum, magnesium as reducing agent
  • Autothermic process (initial Ignition required)
  • Manufacture of refractory metals and alloys (TiAl, Ti24Al16V, CuCr, NbCr, etc.
Performance data:
  • Reactor volume up to 200 liters (equivalent to ~ 60 kg of a Ti-alloy)
  • Low equipment costs
  • Fast reaction times (2-20 min.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 1 700 ° C - 2 600 ° C
  • Batchwise with Inline Casting for direct electrode production possible
Contact person: M. Sc. Frederic Brinkmann

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