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IME Aktuell – Current Issue

Posted on 01.10.2020 by cstallmeister

The current issue of the IME Aktuell, published twice every year, is online now. Some promotional topics are presented, such as SLF pyrolysis in WEEE recycling, gold recycling from PCBs and metallothermic scandium reduction. For further insight into the institute’s activities, there is also an article on the corona pandemic effects on the IME.

Joint research with a safety distance of 1500 km

Posted on 29.07.2020 by admin

In fulfillment of a DAAD project with The University of Belgrade, which includes mutual research and scientist exchange, the scientists Dr. Vesna Cvetković, Dr. Natasa Vukićević and M.Sc Dominic Feldhaus found a way to conduct experiments together despite the current pandemic. The team experimentally investigated the mechanism of neodymium and praseodymium electrodeposition processes from neodymium fluoride, praseodymium fluoride and lithium fluoride with neodymium and praseodymium oxide at 1050 °C. The experiments took place in Aachen while Dr. Cvetković and Dr. Vukićević accompanied them from Belgrade via video conference.

Improved exhaust gas cleaning by cyclone

Posted on 25.06.2020 by cstallmeister

Last week, the institute's own exhaust gas purification plant was upgraded. In this context, the EGR previously used for dust separation was replaced by a cyclone. In addition, the exhaust gas measurement technology is extended by an optical particle measuring device both before and after the cyclone. Thus, the recording of the dust load of the exhaust gas as well as the determination of the particle size distribution is possible by now. Thanks to the separtion in the cyclone, it is also possible to take flue dust samples for analysis.\r\n

IME Instagram Account

Posted on 18.06.2020 by cstallmeister

The new Instagram account of the IME was launched on 1 January this year. Under ime_rwth there are several times a week interesting insight into the institute. For example, students and employees are presented in the context of their research topics. There is also information on events such as participation in conferences, workshops or doctoral exams.

Special Issue in Metals

Posted on 28.05.2020 by cstallmeister

The new Special Issue of the magazine Metals was published this month with Prof. Friedrich as editor. It contains a compilation of publications published in Metals on the topic „Sustainable Utilization of Metals – Processing, Recovery and Recycling”, including seven articles from the IME. The full text is available as Open Access:

Attention - Mails to not delivered

Posted on 18.05.2020 by cstallmeister

Due to a provider problem, we did not receive e-mails adressed to between 01.05.2020 and 15.05.2020. If you have adressed an unanswered e-mail to us during this period, we ask you to send it again.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

News from IME – IME Aktuell

Posted on 03.04.2020 by cstallmeister

The new, 38. Issue of “IME Aktuell”, which is published two times a year, can be downloaded by now from our website. It gives an overview of current or future activities at the IME. A few topics of the actual edition are the DEMO-MAN project in our lage scale SAF, Optimization of zone refining of Aluminum and Antimony and the REE, Zr, Hf and Nb Recovery from Eudialyte.

German-African Innovation Award

Posted on 03.04.2020 by cstallmeister

Based on the nomination by Prof. Friedrich, the German-African Innovation Award 2020 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Jochen Petersen from the University of Cape Town (UCT). Background is his outstanding work in the hydrometallurgical treatment of electronic scrap. The award includes two years of project funding between the award winner and the IME as cooperation partner. In this project, a process combining pyro- and hydrometallurgical methods is to be developed, which should enable an efficient recovery of valuable metals from electronic scrap. This process is to be developed with the participation of local African recycling companies and then tested on an industrial scale. Thanks to this innovation award and the associated funding project, the cooperation with UCT\'s South African partners can be further strengthened. Unfortunately, the award ceremony in March and the start of the project had to be postponed due to the current corona situation. Thanks are due to the BMBF for its initiative to support outstanding African scientists.

Aurubis-Award and scholarship for students

Posted on 05.03.2020 by cstallmeister

Starting this year, the Aurubis-Award for excellent Master's theses with a grade of at least 1.3 will be reintroduced. This will be handed over during the annual graduate meeting at the IME. In addition, three Aurubis scholarships of 300 €/month will be awarded from this April for max. three years. Prerequisite is a Bachelor thesis completed at the IME (at least 2.0), as well as the occupation of the specialisation in non-ferrous metallurgy. Visits to Aurubis AG in Lünen and Hamburg are also organised as a part of the promotion.

We thank the Aurubis AG for this opportunity, also for the students supported in the future.

This year at the IME, the BMBF-Project DEMO-Man (01.06.2019–31.12.2019, Grant Agreement 033R251) was carried out. In this project, the pyrometallurgical treatment of manganese nodules in the pilot scale was carried out. Therefore, in a three-shift operation, manganese ore, nickel ore, copper oxide and fluxes were smelted, to investigate the deep-reduction of copper, nickel and cobalt out of the manganese nodule dummy material.

Part of the project was the improvement of the atline and online analytics for pyrometallurgical demonstration scale experiments: Through the project, a laser induced breakdown spectroscope, a mobile countertop XRF and a dip measuring lance system for combined temperature and oxygen activity measurements in metallurgical melts were used.

As expected, the large-scale trial also showed potential for improvement of the technology, which is essential for the upcoming real trials in 2020/21 on pacific manganese nodules. In this respect, we would like to thank the BMBF for the opportunity to simulate the system in advance.


Awards for three outstanding master theses

Posted on 06.12.2019 by cstallmeister

Three student awards have been given to outstanding master theses written at the IME in 2019. Marcus Sommerfeld was awarded with the Otto Junker Prize for his work entitled „Scale-up of a pyrometallurgical route for the processing of manganese nodules, based on the „High Manganese Slag Practice"". Gunnar Hovestadt received the award of the Stiftsverband Metalle by the GDMB for his master thesis on „Experimental energy and material balancing of selective zinc-lead vacuum distillation from a lead-containing brass malt". As well, Carolin Mazurek was awarded with the promotion prize from „Friends of the IME e. V.“ for her work „Parameter study on Al-Sc Co-reduction using statistical experimental design" at this year's graduate meeting.

Deutsche Welle at IME – Rare Earth Metals

Posted on 29.10.2019 by cstallmeister

A camera team from the german TV channel “Deutsche Welle” got an insight into the research activities at the IME for a documentary on the extraction and recycling of rare earth metals. The focus was the import of raw materials, especially from China, which has been dominating the European market up to now. Therefore, the objectives of achieving recycling are not only ecological but also politico-economic for Europe. The TV contribution recorded at the IME, which can be accessed in English via the link below, explains the above-mentioned facts and shows pictures from experimental research.

The IME can further expand its focus in the field of Li-Ion battery recycling on the basis of three new research projects. In August 2019 the project MERCATOR (sponsor BMU) was started. The aim is the conception of a multi-chamber furnace for the thermal pre-treatment of vehicle batteries on a pilot scale at ACCUREC Recycling GmbH, as well as the hydrometallurgical treatment of the thermally pre-treated material. The LIBERO project (sponsor AiF-ZIM, start September 2019) also addresses hydrometallurgical recycling, but in a mix of different cell types. In return, the task of the IME in the InnoRec (sponsor BMBF, start October 2019) project is to develop pyrometallurgical recycling methods both for conventional LIB and for innovative cell systems and to test them experimentally up to demonstration scale.

Project ReOrgAl started

Posted on 06.08.2019 by cstallmeister

The rising amount of organically contaminated aluminium scrap confronts the recycling industry with big challenges and offers a considerable savings potential at the same time. The recently granted project \"ReOrgAl\" addresses these tasks and potentials: Minimizing the primary energy demand for thermal pretreatment of organically contaminated aluminium scrap through innovative process optimizations. The project consortium consisting of representatives of experienced aluminium processors and plant constructors as well as employees of the IOB and the IME of RWTH Aachen University met for a joint kick-off meeting in June. Moderated by the project manager IOB, the project procedure was discussed and presented to a representative of the project sponsor (BMWi). Within the framework of the project, the IME is responsible for the melting and pyrolysis tests on a laboratory scale - including the use of microwave technology in continuous operation.

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