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NWMP.NRW – Round Table Circular E-Cars

Posted on 25.11.2021 by cstallmeister

The modern mobility sector is currently undergoing its greatest transformation trough electromobility. Despite low emissions of e-cars, the production and recycling should still be optimized in this point. As part of the NWPM.NRW Round Table Talk on the topic of the Circular E-Cars, Prof. Bernd Friedrich discussed the circular economy potential of e-vehicles with industry partners from the material supply sector (Aurubis & Trimet SE) and recyclers (Remondis & Accurec GmbH). In this context, the Circular E-Cars concept represents a sustainable approach to electric mobility and takes reuse, remanufacturing and recycling into account.

The video can be viewed on Youtube at the following link:

IME Aktuell – Issue 41

Posted on 25.10.2021 by cstallmeister

The current issue of the IME Aktuell, published twice a year, is available now. Topics are for example the recycling of lithium-sulfur batteries and the recycling of hydrogen electrolysers. There are also some insights into institute life and new staff members introduced.


The magazine can be downloaded from our website:

DAAD Project Magnet Recycling

Posted on 05.07.2021 by cstallmeister

After last year\'s successful completion of the DAAD project with the University of Belgrade on “Electrochemical synthesis of titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) matrix composites in chloride based molten salts” the kick-off meeting of the new DAAD project “Recovery of rare earth, Nd + Pr, from end-of-life NdFeB magnets: A new approach to recycling” took place in the beginning of this year. This is also a joined project of the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy from the University of Belgrade and the IME. Due to the growing demand for neodymium–iron–boron permanent magnets (Nd2Fe14B), driven particularly by their use in wind turbines, hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs), household electrical appliances, computer hard disk drives, etc., the demand for the recycling of these magnets has increased in order to ensure the supply of magnets for the next years and decades.


Over the next two years first, the simultaneous deposition of neodymium and praseodymium in their fluorides and chlorides is investigated, before the oxide concentrate gained by pre-treated magnets will be fed into the chosen electrolyte to gain an alloy that could be used for the magnet production.

If successful, this can eliminate the need for chemistry with complex separation of the rare earths by solvent extraction.


greenBatt Cluster launched with IME participation

Posted on 31.05.2021 by cstallmeister

The Recycling & Green Battery competence cluster launched in September 2020 is one of four new battery competence clusters with which the BMBF aims to strengthen battery research along the entire value chain in Germany. Together with the other clusters, it is part of the umbrella concept "Research Factory Battery", which creates synergies on the research side with the European Green Deal and the IPCEI projects of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). At the same time, it is part of the cross-cutting battery lifecycle initiative. The "Recycling & Green Battery" (greenBatt) cluster is intended to lay the foundations for the sustainable recycling of batteries and their raw materials as well as the closing of material and substance cycles in the battery life cycle.


Specifically, innovative solutions and process modules up to TRL 6 are to be developed within greenBatt (funding volume approx. €30 million). To this end, a total of 15 individual projects involving 34 institutes from German universities and research institutions are building on previous research projects. They cover the areas of LifeCycle Design & Engineering as well as Digitalization & Green Battery (3 projects), Sustainable Raw Material Extraction as well as Resynthesis (3 projects), Testing & Disassembly as well as Mechanical Processing (4 projects) and Chemical Processing (5 projects).


With its battery recycling expertise, the IME is involved in individual projects as well as in the cluster-wide accompanying project and thus in the cluster management.


IME Aktuell - current edition

Posted on 29.04.2021 by cstallmeister



The current issue of the IME Aktuell, published twice every year, is online now. Current topics include the recovery of bismuth from residues from the lead industry, the BMBF cluster greenBatt and an article on the topic “waste to product – a vision for incineration ashes close reality “.


The magazine can be downloaded from the following link.

Slag recovery in EAF

Posted on 20.04.2021 by cstallmeister

The production of heavy metal containing slags is unavoidable in the lead and copper industry. Despite contained valuable metals like lead and zinc, this slags are mostly deposited. For this reason, the IME investigates the possibility of a slag treatment in a pilot scale EAF within the EIT RawMaterials founded project SlagVal (ID 17181). The aim is the recovery of valuable metals and the conversion of slag to a mineral construction material. This makes an important contribution to conserving resources and avoiding landfills.

First steps in hydrogen metallurgy at IME

Posted on 17.02.2021 by ABirich

In addition to the public discussion of coal-based steel production, carbon is also used as a reaction agent in non-ferrous metallurgy. The use of hydrogen is largely unexplored in this sector and will expand the IME's research area of recycling metallurgy in the future. The first step is the granted application HARARE (EU) (Hydrogen AS Reduction Agent in the REcovery of metals and minerals from metallurgical waste) in cooperation with inter alia Aurubis AG and Linde AG. The aim of IME in this project is the CO2-free treatment of residual material streams from copper production and the improvement of valuable metal extraction rates.

IME at LinkedIn

Posted on 01.02.2021 by cstallmeister

In addition to XING we are present at LinkedIn now, too. So we are maintaining and expanding our international network. We will present interesting news and give an insight into our work and research fields on our company page, which can be found under the following link:

The power of more than 50 houshold microwaves

Posted on 16.12.2020 by cstallmeister

The world's first microwave rotary kiln is now in operation at the IME. With the combined power of over 50 household microwaves, continuous metallurgical processes can now be explored. The highly energy-efficient technology is suitable for selective heating of metal-containing scraps. At the same time, the prototype offers the possibility of extracting process gases in a controlled flow, which is of fundamental importance, especially in research of thermal pre-treatment. Thanks to the rotary tube technology, the material is constantly in motion - similar to a rotary plate in a household microwave. The unit will make its first run with organic-containing aluminum scraps as part of the public ReOrgAl (BMWi) project.

IME Aktuell – Current Issue

Posted on 01.10.2020 by cstallmeister

The current issue of the IME Aktuell, published twice every year, is online now. Some promotional topics are presented, such as SLF pyrolysis in WEEE recycling, gold recycling from PCBs and metallothermic scandium reduction. For further insight into the institute’s activities, there is also an article on the corona pandemic effects on the IME.

Joint research with a safety distance of 1500 km

Posted on 29.07.2020 by admin

In fulfillment of a DAAD project with The University of Belgrade, which includes mutual research and scientist exchange, the scientists Dr. Vesna Cvetković, Dr. Natasa Vukićević and M.Sc Dominic Feldhaus found a way to conduct experiments together despite the current pandemic. The team experimentally investigated the mechanism of neodymium and praseodymium electrodeposition processes from neodymium fluoride, praseodymium fluoride and lithium fluoride with neodymium and praseodymium oxide at 1050 °C. The experiments took place in Aachen while Dr. Cvetković and Dr. Vukićević accompanied them from Belgrade via video conference.

Improved exhaust gas cleaning by cyclone

Posted on 25.06.2020 by cstallmeister

Last week, the institute's own exhaust gas purification plant was upgraded. In this context, the EGR previously used for dust separation was replaced by a cyclone. In addition, the exhaust gas measurement technology is extended by an optical particle measuring device both before and after the cyclone. Thus, the recording of the dust load of the exhaust gas as well as the determination of the particle size distribution is possible by now. Thanks to the separtion in the cyclone, it is also possible to take flue dust samples for analysis.\r\n

IME Instagram Account

Posted on 18.06.2020 by cstallmeister

The new Instagram account of the IME was launched on 1 January this year. Under ime_rwth there are several times a week interesting insight into the institute. For example, students and employees are presented in the context of their research topics. There is also information on events such as participation in conferences, workshops or doctoral exams.

Special Issue in Metals

Posted on 28.05.2020 by cstallmeister

The new Special Issue of the magazine Metals was published this month with Prof. Friedrich as editor. It contains a compilation of publications published in Metals on the topic „Sustainable Utilization of Metals – Processing, Recovery and Recycling”, including seven articles from the IME. The full text is available as Open Access:

Attention - Mails to not delivered

Posted on 18.05.2020 by cstallmeister

Due to a provider problem, we did not receive e-mails adressed to between 01.05.2020 and 15.05.2020. If you have adressed an unanswered e-mail to us during this period, we ask you to send it again.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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