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DAAD Project Magnet Recycling

Posted on 05.07.2021 by cstallmeister

After last year\'s successful completion of the DAAD project with the University of Belgrade on “Electrochemical synthesis of titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) matrix composites in chloride based molten salts” the kick-off meeting of the new DAAD project “Recovery of rare earth, Nd + Pr, from end-of-life NdFeB magnets: A new approach to recycling” took place in the beginning of this year. This is also a joined project of the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy from the University of Belgrade and the IME. Due to the growing demand for neodymium–iron–boron permanent magnets (Nd2Fe14B), driven particularly by their use in wind turbines, hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs and EVs), household electrical appliances, computer hard disk drives, etc., the demand for the recycling of these magnets has increased in order to ensure the supply of magnets for the next years and decades.


Over the next two years first, the simultaneous deposition of neodymium and praseodymium in their fluorides and chlorides is investigated, before the oxide concentrate gained by pre-treated magnets will be fed into the chosen electrolyte to gain an alloy that could be used for the magnet production.

If successful, this can eliminate the need for chemistry with complex separation of the rare earths by solvent extraction.


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