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greenBatt Cluster launched with IME participation

Posted on 31.05.2021 by cstallmeister

The Recycling & Green Battery competence cluster launched in September 2020 is one of four new battery competence clusters with which the BMBF aims to strengthen battery research along the entire value chain in Germany. Together with the other clusters, it is part of the umbrella concept "Research Factory Battery", which creates synergies on the research side with the European Green Deal and the IPCEI projects of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). At the same time, it is part of the cross-cutting battery lifecycle initiative. The "Recycling & Green Battery" (greenBatt) cluster is intended to lay the foundations for the sustainable recycling of batteries and their raw materials as well as the closing of material and substance cycles in the battery life cycle.


Specifically, innovative solutions and process modules up to TRL 6 are to be developed within greenBatt (funding volume approx. €30 million). To this end, a total of 15 individual projects involving 34 institutes from German universities and research institutions are building on previous research projects. They cover the areas of LifeCycle Design & Engineering as well as Digitalization & Green Battery (3 projects), Sustainable Raw Material Extraction as well as Resynthesis (3 projects), Testing & Disassembly as well as Mechanical Processing (4 projects) and Chemical Processing (5 projects).


With its battery recycling expertise, the IME is involved in individual projects as well as in the cluster-wide accompanying project and thus in the cluster management.


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