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German-African Innovation Award

Posted on 03.04.2020 by cstallmeister

Based on the nomination by Prof. Friedrich, the German-African Innovation Award 2020 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Jochen Petersen from the University of Cape Town (UCT). Background is his outstanding work in the hydrometallurgical treatment of electronic scrap. The award includes two years of project funding between the award winner and the IME as cooperation partner. In this project, a process combining pyro- and hydrometallurgical methods is to be developed, which should enable an efficient recovery of valuable metals from electronic scrap. This process is to be developed with the participation of local African recycling companies and then tested on an industrial scale. Thanks to this innovation award and the associated funding project, the cooperation with UCT\'s South African partners can be further strengthened. Unfortunately, the award ceremony in March and the start of the project had to be postponed due to the current corona situation. Thanks are due to the BMBF for its initiative to support outstanding African scientists.

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