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Completion of the Project DEMO-MAN

Posted on 13.01.2020 by cstallmeister

This year at the IME, the BMBF-Project DEMO-Man (01.06.2019–31.12.2019, Grant Agreement 033R251) was carried out. In this project, the pyrometallurgical treatment of manganese nodules in the pilot scale was carried out. Therefore, in a three-shift operation, manganese ore, nickel ore, copper oxide and fluxes were smelted, to investigate the deep-reduction of copper, nickel and cobalt out of the manganese nodule dummy material.

Part of the project was the improvement of the atline and online analytics for pyrometallurgical demonstration scale experiments: Through the project, a laser induced breakdown spectroscope, a mobile countertop XRF and a dip measuring lance system for combined temperature and oxygen activity measurements in metallurgical melts were used.

As expected, the large-scale trial also showed potential for improvement of the technology, which is essential for the upcoming real trials in 2020/21 on pacific manganese nodules. In this respect, we would like to thank the BMBF for the opportunity to simulate the system in advance.


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