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Awards for three outstanding master theses

Posted on 06.12.2019 by cstallmeister

Three student awards have been given to outstanding master theses written at the IME in 2019. Marcus Sommerfeld was awarded with the Otto Junker Prize for his work entitled „Scale-up of a pyrometallurgical route for the processing of manganese nodules, based on the „High Manganese Slag Practice"". Gunnar Hovestadt received the award of the Stiftsverband Metalle by the GDMB for his master thesis on „Experimental energy and material balancing of selective zinc-lead vacuum distillation from a lead-containing brass malt". As well, Carolin Mazurek was awarded with the promotion prize from „Friends of the IME e. V.“ for her work „Parameter study on Al-Sc Co-reduction using statistical experimental design" at this year's graduate meeting.

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