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New research projects for the Pure Metals group

Posted on 14.10.2019 by cstallmeister

Following the successful completion of the InnoRaff project (Germanium refining, sponsor ZIM / AIF, 01.07.2016-31.03.2019), the Pure Metals group can now further expand its focus in two approved DFG projects. In July 2019, an interdisciplinary project was started in collaboration with the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB) and ACCESS e.v., which aims to understand the mechanisms and to develop a process model for the ultra-refining of metals via crystallization. The second one (Start Nov. 2019) is also an interdisciplinary project, in which IME in cooperation with the Chair of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection (KKS) is going to develop a biodegradable, high-purity magnesium material. In these two research projects, each of which will be carried out as a PhD thesis, IME will use various innovative refining techniques based on the principle of crystallization.

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