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Three new battery research projects at IME

Posted on 27.09.2019 by cstallmeister

The IME can further expand its focus in the field of Li-Ion battery recycling on the basis of three new research projects. In August 2019 the project MERCATOR (sponsor BMU) was started. The aim is the conception of a multi-chamber furnace for the thermal pre-treatment of vehicle batteries on a pilot scale at ACCUREC Recycling GmbH, as well as the hydrometallurgical treatment of the thermally pre-treated material. The LIBERO project (sponsor AiF-ZIM, start September 2019) also addresses hydrometallurgical recycling, but in a mix of different cell types. In return, the task of the IME in the InnoRec (sponsor BMBF, start October 2019) project is to develop pyrometallurgical recycling methods both for conventional LIB and for innovative cell systems and to test them experimentally up to demonstration scale.

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