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DAAD Project with University of Belgrade

Posted on 14.05.2019 by cstallmeister

In fulfilment of a DAAD project with The University of Belgrade, which includes mutual research and scientist exchange, Dr. Vesna Cvetkovic, Dr. Natasa Vukicevic and Dr. Marija Mihailovic came to IME Aachen in April 2019 for a four-week stay. Dr. V.Cvetkovic, Dr. N. Vukicevic and M.Sc D. Feldhaus experimentally investigated the mechanism of neodymium electrodeposition processes from neodymium fluoride + lithium fluoride and from neodymium fluoride + lithium fluoride + neodymium oxide melts at 1050 °C.
Dr. M. Mihailovic and Dr. S. Stopic have performed a potential controlled leaching with sulphuric acid and precipitation of cobalt with NaOH in the presence and in absence of H2O2 from lateritic ores in order to produce cobalt hydroxide.

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