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Off-gas analysis for pilot plant TBRC and EAF

Posted on 09.05.2019 by cstallmeister

This spring, the off-gas system of the pilot plant TBRC and EAF was equipped with a system for continuous analysis of process gases. Heart of the analysis system is a FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) from the Finnish maufacturer Gasmet Technologies Oy, which is able to measure and record the concentration of all infrared active gases such as CO, CO2, H2O, NOX and various organic compounds over time. All system components which are in contact with the analysis gas are heated, so it is possible to measure even corrosive gases like SO2, HCl und HF without any problems. This new investment is a further step towards a better control and monitoring of pyrometallurgical melting processes in TBRC and EAF and thus significantly increase the quality of the results.

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