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IME hosts "Lead in Copper Alloys" Workshop

Posted on 24.07.2018 by dmichaelis

At the invitation of IME and the German Copper Council (DKI) 28 experts on copper research and production from eight European countries met in Aachen to discuss the current legislations and technical strategies of lead removal in a workshop on “Lead in Copper Alloys” on June 16th. Following the introductory remarks of Prof. Friedrich and Dr. Ockenfeld (DKI), Simon Hilgendorf had the opportunity to present the results of his cooperation PhD between the IME and the Fraunhofer Project Group IWKS. The presentation was followed by an intensive discussion about the possible industrial implementation of the approaches, especially from an economic perspective. The event was concluded by an IME-tour, including a demonstration experiment, which practically showed the precipitation of intermetallic calcium-lead-phases from molten brass.


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