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IdeaCamp in Aachen

Posted on 16.10.2017 by dmichaelis

“The optimized use of limited, especially critical, resources is crucial for a circular economy.” enhanced Professor Friedrich in the course of his presentation at the IdeaCamp “Innovation & Research In The E-Waste Recycling Chain” in Aachen. Besides, innovative and environmentally compatible solutions only can be realized as long as materials and energy sources are available in both volumes and reasonable prices. Especially in countries lacking of primary raw materials, like in the EU, the leverage effect of economically strategic metals is strong. Recycling, referring on the whole value chain of material processing, is a central key to impede supply bottlenecks.

E-waste constitutes an important secondary raw material for the EU, containing significant amounts of base, strategic, critical and precious metals. So, on September 13th and 14th, 2017, researchers and reputable industry representatives came together under the direction of the IME and the EIT RawMaterials GmbH to have vital discussions on the optimization of recycling chains. Around 60 participants tackled trends, critical issues and challenges for future recycling strategies. Furthermore, several thoughts regarding reasonable proposals were shared. In summary, the event enabled an open exchange and discussions in the field of resource efficiency a responsible use of technology metals and materials.

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