Project Description

Title: MOLTEN ALUMINIUM PURIFICATION - Purification by formation and removal of inter-metallics
Project Type: No information
Sponsorship: EU
Duration: 01.05.2002 - 30.04.2006
Partner: Alcan International Ltd.,MIRO Minerals Industry Research,SINTEF,Norsk Hydro ASA,Remi Claeys Aluminium,VITO-Process Technology Group,Centre de Recherches de Voreppe,LTPCM,VAW AluminiumAG,CORUS Research


In aluminium production Fe, Si and Mn are common sources of contamination. It is possible to remove these contaminations by the active formation and subsequent removal of inter-metallics. To make this process economical the inter-metallic formation should be optimized by the addition of extra trace elements. A systematic experimental search program will be carried out to find the economically optimal additives. The subsequent removal stage requires very accurate temperature control and the development of an advanced aluminium filtration technology such as displacement washing. These developments will be undertaken at lab-scale, and then scaled-up. The final result of the project will be a semi-continuous in-line filtration module for the removal of Fe, Si and Mn at a cost of less than 200 USD/t. The technology will be applicable in a typical aluminium casthouse, for instance between the melting and casting furnace.


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