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Titel: Entwurf einer Nanopartikelmorphologie in der Aerosolsynthese
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Förderer: DFG
Laufzeit: 01.07.2006 - 31.12.2008
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This project focuses on the designing of the particle morphology in nanopowder synthesis using the ultrasonic aerosol spray method of a precursor solution and subsequent thermo-reactive decomposition. If correctly used, this reaction method results in a product with controlled and uniform particle size, allowing to adjust microporosity, surface roughness and crystal structure. They can be especially designed e.g. for the use as catalytic or sinter-active materials. In order to control a consistency in the morphological characteristics of the obtained powder like particle size or porosity  a mixed thermochemical kinetic model will be developed. This model will be capable to explain the formation mechanism of nanosized particles and used to elaborate the process window exemplary for silver


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