Project Description

Title: Electrorefining of slags based on copper
Project Type: Verbundforschung
Sponsorship: BMBF
Duration: 01.03.2009 - 30.08.2010
Partner: Donetsk National Technical University-Ukraine


The purpose of this work is a development electroslag technology of the conversion of copper-containing slag to obtain the charge copper stocking up and utilization of fire refining slags. At electroslag melting (ESR), running under the layer of slag, sharply falls the oxidation of the metal, but if it and occurs, that oxide are assimilated by slag. Besides, row oxide can be restored in the slag bath. Due to this, under ESR simultaneously enlarge the question, both reductions of  losses of the metal, and increasing its purity. For treatment of copper containing slag by method of ESR it  is practically necessary to organize the process of the simultaneous reduction of copper oxides and melting metallic (copper) component of slag. Reduction of oxides by carbon in slag allows to solve this problem.


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